About Us

We are a Peruvian wine producing company, which dates back to 1964 to a family winery that was the foundation on which Bodega RAS was born on December 17, 2015.

The winery and vineyards are located in the city of Sayán,150 km Northeast of the city of Lima. This area reflects the tradition of cultivating quebranta grapes, dating back to the XVI century. We have the Pisco Denomination of Origin since 2017.

Mapa de ubicación de Bodega RAS en Sayán

1. Mission Statement

The elaboration of products made from grapes, perfecting what nature offers us and providing consumers in Peru and abroad high-quality products as a result of the continuous improvement of our processes and operations, promoting Peruvian history, characters and traditions.

2. Vision Statement

To be recognized for the variety and excellence of our products that meet and responde to the to market requirements and changes with innovation and creativity. We are proud of our Peruvian identity which originates one of our values: respect for nature. Our millenary culture was introduced to the West in the 16th century and has stood out with unique and exquisite products such as our piscos, wines and cherry liqueur. We will promote and expand the qualities of these products globally with powerful and attractive brands and concepts. Our culture, our products and our service will be ambassadors of a Peruvian identity that triumphs with integrity and excellence in the global economy.

3. Customer Value Proposition Statement

Our main purpose is the satisfaction of customers and consumers, collaborators and interested parties, through the delivery of safe and quality products. They are elaborated under conditions that protect the environment and guarantee the safety and health of people involved in our operations. In addition, behind each product, there is a great story worth telling about Peruvian identity.

4. Declaration of Principles


In each and every one of the estates and officials Bodega RAS will function according to the laws of each of the countries where it operates.


In carrying out the individual results, there will be a search for the global benefit of Bodega RAS and the follow-up of the guidelines established by the company's senior management.

5. Declaration of Values

We are a dedicated team committed to excellence, focused on personal and professional growth and inspired by the greatness of Peru and its contribution in achieving the 2030 SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030). We firmly believe in the ten principles of the UN Global Compact on Human Rights, the Environment, Labor Rights and Anti-Corruption.


Righteous actions from every official inside and outside the company, as well as from every manager. Honesty and sobriety in their actions.


The tireless pursuit of the complete achievement of tasks, activities and goals, based on individual effort and responsibility. Our staff must not only be proactive, they must also be loyal to the company and its principles.


Convinced that teamwork and comradeship generate results that are greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Innovation and continuous improvement

Joint action in the search for common positive results and continuous improvement.


Assertive and timely transmission of information between people in any position inside the company.


Achieving results in a timely manner, using and optimizing the use of available resources.

Respect for the environment

The use of traceable, efficient, recognized and transparent methods that contribute to the sustainability and the friendly use of natural resources and preservation of the environment.

The business partners, Diego de la Torre and Raúl Saldías inherited a friendship that goes back to their grandparents, good men united by the desire of a greater Peru. This marked the direction of the company, to rescue values and principles transmitted into three brands that represent us. Armada for the defense of our country and the Constitution, Macedonio for Peruvian art and El Solitario, the alias of a leader of independence who lived by Sayán and gave his life and fortune to defend Republican ideals.

Photo: Diego de la Torre and Raúl Saldías accompanied by Mr. Carlos Moro (left), President of the Matarromera Family Winery Group of Spain at a CEAPI meeting, Madrid 2019.
Diego de la Torre y Raúl Saldías reunidos con Carlos Moro de Bodegas Matarromera