Cherry liqueur

El Solitario

A liquor that characterized the province of Huaura for more than 100 years and that originated the “chilcano de guinda”, prior to the popular “chilcano de pisco”.

Macerated with selected high quality cherries in double-distilled pisco.

Sour Cherry Liqueur El Solitario


It marks the return of a liquor that characterized the Huaura province. This drink had its second debut 90 years ago when it was elaborated by an Italian who longed for the cherry brandy that was made in his home country, and used pisco for the maceration process instead of using grappa. Years later the product was made with sugar cane alcohol, and its demand started to decrease. El Solitario does not contain artificial colors or flavors.


View: Shiny dark reddish brown
Odor: Typical of raw material (cherry)
Taste: Typical of the raw material (cherry), soft entrance, creamy, sweet, light scent of alcohol, harmonious.
Appearance: Bright liquid, intense dark color


Sol y Sombra (Sun and Shadow) or Chilcano de Guinda

It is recommended to drink it cold, with ice in a tall glass or highball, with tonic water or ginger-ale, garnished with a lemon wedge. It is known as Sol y Sombra (Sun and Shadow) or Chilcano de Guinda.

The Captain cocktail

As a variant of the Captain cocktail, you can mix Pisco and Licor de Guinda, shake it with ice in a shaker and serve it with a maraschino cherry.

Singapore Sling

The classic Singapore Sling, which includes cherry liqueur, gin, Benedectine, lemon juice, soda, and ice, was created in 1915.

ico-botella 750 ml
ico-porcentaje 32.05%
ico-barrica Macerated and rested for six months
We select dehydrated cherries with a food safety certification and macerate them in our double distillated pisco.
This process which includes the storage in a bottle lasts for at least six months.
Faustino Sánchez Carrión

El Solitario

Faustino Sánchez Carrión

A notable neighbor from an area North of Lima was José Faustino Sánchez Carrión, a leader in the Independence of Peru, nicknamed "El Solitario de Sayán" (Sayan’s lonely man). He opposed Spanish rule, Bolivar as a dictator, and San Martín's proposal to have a European prince as governor of South America.

He served as Bolivar's minister of state. He defended Republican ideals and the independence of powers. He believed in the idea of uniting South America, made up of federated states, following the route outlined by the thirteen colonies. His relationship with the "Liberator" deteriorated and cost him his life. He died at the age of 38 due to poisoning.

He gave his life for the republic, financed the liberating army during its time in Junín and Ayacucho. He signed as secretary in the National Assembly of the first Constitution of Peru. He faced the corruption of state officials and magistrates and left us as legacy the dream of freedom.

It is a story that deserves to be remembered and it is our purpose to revive it and to make it known for new generations to take the challenge left by this patriot.


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