Winery and Vineyard

We have a boutique artisan winery built in a 130 year old house with 50 cm thick adobe walls. It faces Cercado street which was for a long time the only crossroad of the city.

The winery is surrounded by gardens and vineyards and many of its processes are carried out outdoors.

El alambique en Bodega RAS

Pot still

We have a patio for the distillation process, where there’s a French alembic made of hammered copper that has a 700 liter capacity and a wine heater. The set is complemented by cold water wooden condensation tank that has a 11,000 liter capacity, which is the center of our temperature control system for fermentation processes.

The cellar rooms

We have two guard rooms, one for our piscos stored in stainless steel tanks with a total capacity of 40,000 liters and a second heated room for grape musts with a capacity of 60,000 liters.

Tanques de aluminio en Bodega RAS
Patio en Bodega RAS

The grape

We select grapes in the field and in the winery, prior to milling. During maceration and fermentation, we control temperature in order to retain the grape's aromas and flavors.

We have the capacity to process 200,000 kilos of grapes every year.