Pisco Mosto Verde


The perfect blend of love of nature and passion for art.

An elegant and singular pisco quebranta. It honors the name of Macedonio, an outstanding Peruvian painter (1893-1981), for his quest to achieve the perfect balance between love of nature and passion for art. It is presented in an exclusive bottle that is colored, shaped, numbered and labeled by hand. It goes in accordance with our motto: Macedonio, the pisco turned into art.

Pisco Macedonio


MACEDONIO is a Pisco Mosto Verde, the result of the distillation of fresh Quebranta Grape musts of the highest quality.

A studied process carefully interrupts its fermentation to obtain a pisco with delicate unctuousness and clear aromas. At dawn, the best grape bunches are selected by experienced hands. Quality controls in the field and in the winery ensure that the musts will be fermented at controlled temperatures that allow it to retain its best attributes.

The classic flavor of artisan Pisco is obtained by distilling it in a hammered copper alembic that has been used for over 100 years. Afterwards, it is matured in stainless steel tanks for a period of twenty months and then at least six more months in the bottle.


View: Clean, transparent and crystalline.
Odor: It is clean, elegant and balanced.
The scent of alcohol is friendly and expressed simultaneously with the sweet, fruity and citrus scents, where black raisins, red apples and local lemon peel stand out.
Taste: Elegant, frank, balanced, dry, unctuous, complex, with a pleasant finishing taste. It has good volume in the mouth and its flavors stand out due to the harmony between the alcohol and the aftertaste of aromas that remind us of red apples and almonds. After each sip the taste stays in the palate for several seconds.
MACEDONIO is a Pisco that brings together the primary aromas of the grape and the light sweet touch of the Quebranta grape.
This particular Pisco requires a minimum of 10 kilos of grapes per liter. The 2017 vintage obtained 3,400 500 ml bottles.
ico-botella 500 ml
ico-temperatura 18ºC
ico-porcentaje 43.5%
ico-alambique Hammered copper alembic and wine warmer
The pisco is stored for a minimum of 20 months in stainless steel tanks and in April 2019 the product was packed in a French bottle that portrays the firmness and angularity of Die Brüke. Pisco Macedonio rests for at least another 6 months inside the bottle.

Download the app on your smartphone, scan the portrait that appears on the bottle's case or the one that appears on this website and you will enter Macedonio’s Parisian studio in Montparnasse in the 1920's and make a toast with him and his wife.

Retrato de Macedonio de la Torre en empaque de Pisco Macedonio

de la Torre


Outstanding, original and versatile Peruvian painter of the 20th century. During his first years in Trujillo-Peru, he developed a remarkable literary and artistic concern promoted by the Norte group where he belonged. Later, during his stay in Buenos Aires (1915-1917), he became associated with painters from La Boca.

After getting married, he lived for several years in Europe where he gained significant experience and influence from Impressionism, Futurism, Surrealism, Expressionism and the Die Brüke trend.

French critics turned their attention to Macedonio, who exhibited at the Autumn Salon and at the Independent Exhibition in Paris in 1928 and 1929. When he returned to Peru, he disrupted the atmosphere with his modern and cosmopolitan bold ideas.

In 1959-1960 he lived in New York where he exhibited his work in ten different occasions. He was interviewed by Time magazine and CBS TV, arousing admiration and interest from important collectors such as the Rockefeller family. Throughout his artistic career he painted urban landscapes in Europe and Peru, coastal and Andean landscapes, fantastic architectures, colorful foliage and more.

His exhibitions in Paris, New York, Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa were praised by local and international critics. He received important distinctions, among them, the Order of the Sun of Peru in the degree of Grand Cross along the Constitutional President of Peru Fernando Belaúnde Terry in 1981.


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